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Bill Rebsamen Pet Portraits Art Studio
Bill Rebsamen Pet Portraits Art Studio

Rebsamen's pet paintings are hand-painted in gouache (opaque water color) due to the medium's ability to portray fine detail as well as the ability to utilize the medium with an airbrush for his emulation of a soft focus, telephoto background technique.

A native of Fort Smith, Arkansas, Bill began donating original paintings of hunting dogs for auction at the local Ducks Unlimited Sportsman's Banquets back in the late 80's.

"I had the grandiose idea of doing all these portraits of regal water dogs pictured in classic hunting scenes. But after the banquets I would get calls, not from the sportsmen, but from the hunters' wives wanting me to do portraits of their pomeranians, poodles and pussycats! It's all good because I know how much people love their pets and I have had pets of all kinds as well!

Over the past 20 years Bill has done over 100 Pet Portraits!

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Recently, I was the auction prize for the service of doing a personal Pet Portrait during a live auction at a fundraiser for the Ahimsa Rescue Foundation. That's a great organization with a truly devoted staff and impressive list of supporters."

Bill Rebsamen provides wildlife illustrations for Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, History Channel, TLC, Travel Channel, and various books and magazines.

Read the article "All God's Creatures" in the January 2014 issue of Do South magazine or click here to read it online.